Lunch ‘n Learn Video on San Francisco’s $2B Co-op Redevelopment Housing Proposal

On Wednesday, April 7th, we hosted three key players in the development of Freedom West 2.0 in San Francisco, one of the most ambitious infill projects currently proposed in California. Speakers included:

  • Victor McFarlane, chairman and CEO of MacFarlane Partners
  • Mattie Scott, President of the Freedom West board of Directors
  • Landon Taylor, Co-founder of Legacy First Partners and lead advisor to Freedom West Homes Corp. 

Freedom West 2.0 is a partnership between the Freedom West Homes Corporation (FWHC), a nonprofit housing cooperative containing 382 housing units in San Francisco’s Fillmore District, MacFarlane Partners, an African American-owned and operated real estate investment and development firm and Avanath Capital Management. 

The $2 billion revitalization plan replaces the 382 existing units at Freedom West with 382 new market-rate quality co-op units that include modern amenities and more space at no additional cost to cooperative members. It also provides an additional 133 affordable rental units, bringing the total number of affordable housing to 515 units, and up to 2000 market rate units.  

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NEW REPORT: “Accelerating Infill in Hayward: Options to Boost Housing”

Hayward, CA – The Council of Infill Builders released the new report Accelerating Infill in Hayward: Options to Boost Housing. Based on an expert convening of local public officials, architects, real estate investors and developers, the report recommends options to boost infill housing in the central San Francisco East Bay City of Hayward, well situated with two BART stations, an executive airport, and transit and highway access to job centers.

The report finds that high costs, uncertain demand, lack of supportive public infrastructure, and unusual parcels may hinder infill housing investment in Hayward. Accelerating Infill in Hayward recommends a number of  priority policy solutions to address the challenges, including:

  1. Reconfigured streets to encourage transit ridership and pedestrian access.
  2. Deferred fees to boost investment in marginal infill projects.
  3. Fast-track ministerial approvals for meritorious infill projects.
  4. Zoning flexibility to offer options for meeting retail, density and affordable housing requirement off-site.

You can read Accelerating Infill in Hayward here.


Webinar on California’s Local Housing Mandates

Image result for ben metcalf hcdThe Council of Infill Builders and California Lawyers Association hosted a webinar discussion on September 24th with outgoing director Ben Metcalf of the California Department of Housing and Community Development. Director Metcalf discussed how California is tightening up local compliance requirements, lawsuits against cities not in compliance, and where state housing policy may go from here. Watch the recording here!


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